Question: How pounds of fertilizer do I need for my property and how many bags?

Property Size i.e. = 12,500sq.ft
Bags Application Rate = 13Lbs / 4,306sq.ft

Math Formula

Bags wt. / Coverage sq. ft  =  X? wt. / Property sq. ft 

Calculation setup i.e.

13Lbs / 4,306sq.ft  =  X? wt. / 12,500sq.ft

Cross multiply then Divide 

13Lbs. x 12,500sq.ft / 4,306sq.ft

X? wt. = 37.7Lbs of feed for 12,500sq. ft.

How many bags needed?
12,500sq.ft of property / 4,306sq.ft of bag coverage
X = 2.9 or 3 bags required 

 Please Note: This is an example of how to do the math, property sizes, bag weights, and coverage will vary for every yard. The user is responsible to follow directions on the label. If you are not confident in your calculations or skills, higher a professional service provider.





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